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Clamps can be used to gradually expand the culture volume in a VueLife® Cell Culture Bag between seeding and expanding cultures. As cells proliferate, the clamp is moved to accommodate additional cell culture media. The clamps can also be used for closing KryoSure® Cryopreservation Bags and Overwraps prior to heat sealing with an accu-sealer.



Clip 1C-0007

Clip 1C-0010

Clip 1C-0014

Clip 1C-0022

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7 cm

10 cm

15 cm

22 cm








Adapters help to safely connect KryoSure® and VueLife® Bags.



BD Interlink® Injection Site

Threaded Lock Cannula

Swabable Female Luer Valve (FL-V)

Order Number

3751 3753 3756


Adapter with a self-sealing rubber septum to connect a Threaded Lock Cannula to a Female Luer Port

Adapter to connect male ends with BIIS

Needleless Injection Site allows for multiple usages, for Male Luer Port (can be used in combination with a disposable syringe)




Culture Cassette

The Culture Cassette is designed to hold bags during the different cell culture steps; filling, incubation and transport. It allows for gas flow through the bottom and top of the bags. The spacing of the cassette allows a 1 cm fluid thickness and thus serves as filling tool achieve optimal fill size.


Order Number 3754

Regulatory Support

We offer the following to assist you with your regulatory approval process:

  • cGMP declaration on each Certificates of Conformance or Analysis (for culture cassette, BD Interlink Injection Site, Female Luer Valve, Clamps)
  • Separate Certificate of Sterilization for each lot (for Female Luer Valve)
  • Change notifications prior to relevant changes (each product except culture rack)


Please contact our Regulatory Support Team for all your regulatory requests & questions:

Phone:     +49 761 88 88 9 – 0

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