Tubing Sets

Tubing Sets – perfect connections from bag to bag

CellGenix offers multiple tubing adapter sets which can be used with VueLife® Cell Culture Bags and KryoSure® Cryopreservation Bags. They are also compatible with other systems and can be connected to sterile docking devices.

The tubing sets are made from the highest quality USP Class VI material. Sterile transfers can be performed in a laminar flow hood by attaching the tubing to the luer fitting of the VueLife® Cell Culture Bags or KryoSure® Cryopreservation Bags. Another option is to use a sterile docking device, which eliminates the need to make connections in the laminar flow hood.


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Tubing Sets

Tubing Sets


Tubing Set TS-915

Tubing Set TS-917

Tubing Set MS-18L

Tubing Set TS-2-ML-6

Tubing Set TS-2TLC-50

Order Number

3801 (with syringe)

3806 (with syringe)





  • 30 ml syringe
  • Three way stop cock
  • PVC tube (with two clamps and two Threaded Lock Cannula)
  • External injection septum
  • 10 ml syringe
  • Two way stop cock
  • PVC tube (with two clamps and pigtail ends)
  • 45 cm PVC tube (with spike, spike cover, pinch clamp and sealed end)
  • 15 cm tube (with two Male Luer Ports and adapters for Female Luer Ports
  • PVC tube (with two Male Luer Ports on either side, one clamp and two BD Threaded Lock Cannulas)
  • External injection septum


Connection of VueLife® bag and  medium bag (via Baxter Interlink Injection Site)

Filling of KryoSure® 6-F (via sterile docking)

Removal of liquid from
KryoSure® 20-F, 60-F, 120-F, 180-F, and 750-C1 bags
(via exit spike port)

 Media or Suspension transfer via gravity flow

Sterile medium transfer from a medium bag to a VueLife® bag

Connection to VueLife® bag via BD Interlink Injection Site
(septum reduces risk of contamination)




Regulatory Support

We offer the following to assist you with your regulatory approval process:

  • Comprehensive documentation (e.g. Technical and Regulatory Information Overview (RIO)
  • cGMP declaration and cGMP and compliance to 21CFR8201 on Certificates of Conformance
  • Separate Certificate of Sterilization for each lot
  • Change notifications prior to relevant changes

Customized solutions can be provided to meet special compliance needs.

Please contact our Regulatory Support Team for all your regulatory requests & questions:

Phone:     +49 761 88 88 9 – 0
Email:       regulatorysupport@cellgenix.com    


Regulatory Resources

121CFR820: Quality System Regulations for Medical Devices of the Code of Federal Regulations of the United States

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