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October 2019

CellGenix Appoints Dr. Till Puschmann as Vice President R&D & Business Development and Member of the Management Team

CellGenix, a global manufacturing leader of GMP-grade raw materials for cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue-engineered products, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Till Puschmann as Vice President of R&D and Business Development and member of the management team.

Till joined CellGenix in 2018 as Business Development & Senior Project Manager. As Vice President R&D and Business Development, Till will now be responsible for the development of CellGenix’ product portfolio and broadening of the pipeline. He also still acts as Senior Project Manager steering and supporting interdepartmental projects.

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May 2019

CellGenix celebrates 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary as a leading manufacturer of high quality raw materials for clinical cell culture needs

As we celebrate our twenty-fifth year in business, all of us at CellGenix would like to express our sincerest appreciation to our valued customers, partners and collaborators. We thank you for your loyal support through the years.

CellGenix was founded as a spin-off of the Freiburg University Medical Center and became the first European company to obtain a GMP manufacturing authorization for processing cells for therapeutic applications. Over the years, CellGenix has pivoted its business from a cell therapy product company to a developer and manufacturer of high quality raw materials for further manufacturing of cell and gene therapies. Today CellGenix’ products are used by leading experts and are proven in clinical trials with a broad range of cell types and indications as well as commercial manufacturing throughout the world.

“Over the last two and a half decades we have seen a lot of great achievements in the cell and gene therapy space. We are excited that we have been able to make a small contribution to the growth and progress in this field that is advancing medicine and helping patients worldwide.” says Prof. Dr. Felicia Rosenthal, CEO and one of the co-founders of CellGenix.

Looking ahead, Dr. Rosenthal adds “as the field continues to advance quickly, we are significantly investing in capacity expansion, process development and leading-edge manufacturing technologies. This helps us to continue meeting the increasing customer demands for GMP-grade raw materials as more and more promising cell and gene therapies approach market authorization and commercialization.”

January 2018

Press Release CellGenix – January

CEVEC and CellGenix cooperation leads to expansion of CellGenix cytokine portfolio with CAP®GO Technology-derived TGF-β1 for ex vivo cell culture

  • This portfolio expansion is the result of an ongoing collaboration and license agreement between CEVEC and CellGenix for the development and GMP production of selected cytokines for ex vivo cell culture therapy applications using CEVEC’s proprietary CAP®GO technology
  • CEVEC’s CAP®GO technology enables CellGenix access to new cytokines and proteins requiring human post-translational modifications not provided by bacterial expression systems
  • CellGenix® recombinant human transforming growth factor-beta 1 (rh TGF-β1) is used for the expansion of pluripotent stem cells (PSC) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) as well as for the differentiation of T cells into regulatory T cells (Treg cells) and the expansion of Treg cells
  • CAP®GO-derived GMP TGF-β1 is planned to become available in the second half of 2018

Cologne and Freiburg, Germany, January 31, 2018

CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH (CEVEC), the expert in the production of tailor-made recombinant glycoproteins and gene therapy vectors, is pleased to note that cooperation partner CellGenix, a leading global supplier of GMP raw materials for cell and gene therapy and regenerative medicine, today announced the expansion of its portfolio with the introduction of CAP®GO technology-derived preclinical grade TGF-β1 for ex vivo cell culture applications. After CellGenix® rh HGF, this is the second product originating from this cooperation.

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October 2017

CellGenix Lecture – Prof. Luc Douay

In vitro red blood cell generation: from bench to factory

We are excited to announce the fourth CellGenix Lecture given by Prof. Luc Douay. He will present an overview of the main biological advances of the past decade for large-scale production of red blood cells. With our CellGenix Lectures we want to provide insights in the latest advances in the cell and gene therapy, and the regenerative medicine field.

Blood-transfusion centers regularly face the challenge of donor blood shortages, especially for rare blood groups. The possibility of producing universal red blood cells from stem cells industrially has become a possible alternative since the succesful injection of blood generated in vitro into a human being in 2011. Although there remain many biological and regulatory issues concerning the efficacy and safety of this new product, the major challenge today for future clinical applications is switching from the current limited 2-dimensional production techniques to large-scale 3-dimensional bioreactors. In addition to requiring technological breakthroughs, the whole process also has to become at least five-fold more cost-efficient to match the current prices of high quality blood products. Prof. Douay will sum up the main biological advances of the past decade, outlines the key biotechnological challenges for the large-scale cost-effective production of red blood cells, proposes solutions based on strategies used in the bioindustry and presents the state-of-the-art of large-scale blood production.

Luc Douay, Prof, MD, PD
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
EryPharm, Président et directeur scientifique
Paris, France

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
17:00-18:00 p.m., followed by a drinks reception with pretzels and wine

CellGenix GmbH
Am Flughafen 16
79108 Freiburg

We would be happy to welcome you at our lecture. Please register for free via Lectures@cellgenix.com or T: 0761/88 88 9-0.

September 2017

Article – Cell & Gene Therapy Europe

Raw materials for ATMP manufacturing: regulatory and supply issues

The cell and gene therapy space has seen a great deal of growth and progress over the last couple of years as more companies are approaching late-stage clinical development and market authorization. But what does this mean for the manufacturing process? What challenges remain and how can they be overcome?

Read our vision on how scale-up can be achieved in a reliably safe and consistent way: article


Join our roundtable session at the Cell & Gene Therapy Europe to continue this discussion: September 20 at 10:30-11:15

April 2017

New Preclinical Cytokine

Preclinical recombinant human IFN-γ

We proudly announce the launch of E. coli derived recombinant human Interferon-gamma. This new preclinical product further expands our cytokines & growth factors portfolio for the cell and gene thereapy space. It is produced in our dedicated animal-free facility ensuring maximum safety for optimal use in preclinical cell and gene therapy applications.

• E. coli derived human sequence
• High purity
• Termostability up to 50°C as lyophilized product
• Batch specific Certificate of Analysis
• ADCF Level 2 (no ADC in product and production process)

Areas of Application
• Maturation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells (DC)
• Generation of cytokine induced killer cells (CIK)
• Stimulation of monocytes, macrophages and microglia

Intended Use
For preclinical ex vivo use. Not intended for therapeutic use.

Interview in Cell & Gene Therapy Insights

Raw materials for cell & gene therapy: exploring regulatory and supply issues

Bernd Leistler, our Vice President Development & Production, was interviewed by the Cell & Gene Therapy Insights about our vision on the regulatory and supply issues for raw materials.

The cell and gene therapy sector has seen a rapid expansion and maturation as more companies are approaching late-stage clinical development and market authorization. We see this reflected in an increased demand for GMP-grade raw materials and discussions about their quality requirements and regulatory guidance. Please click here to download the interview and read about our vision on the regulatory and supply issues for raw materials.

The interview was published in the Cell & Gene Therapy Insights spotlight “Raw materials for cell & gene therapy: getting it right from the start”. You can access the complete spotlight here.

February 2017

Press Release CellGenix – February

CellGenix headquarters expands to meet the increasing demands for GMP cell culture reagents

Freiburg, Germany, February 21, 2017 – CellGenix, a global leader in providing GMP-grade raw materials for cell and gene therapy and tissue-engineered products, started facility expansions as more customers approach late-stage clinical development and commercialization.

Through early 2018, research and development laboratory as well as production and warehouse space will be added to its German headquarters in Freiburg. Consequently, new positions in research and development as well as quality control and production will be filled. The upgrade also introduces state-of-the-art, large scale, filling capacities for recombinant protein products in the existing GMP facilities.

The expansion is the result of robust, sustainable and profitable growth which the company has experienced over the previous years. These advancements are reflective of the rapidly expanding cell and gene therapy space as promising therapies approach market authorization and commercialization. The experienced industry growth and strong forecasts in cell and gene therapy lead to an increased demand in GMP-grade raw materials for production.

“The investment we are making is a very positive sign for the gene and cell therapy space and the future of CellGenix. It will allow us to fulfill the increasing demand for GMP-grade cytokines and serum-free media. It also shows the importance of high quality GMP reagents for safe, reliable and successful cell and gene therapy manufacturing.” says Prof. Dr. Felicia Rosenthal, CEO of CellGenix.

Frank Hecht, Vice President Marketing & Sales at CellGenix, adds: “With this expansion we strengthen our position as a leading partner for all companies active in the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies and we are ready to grow with them into their commercial phase.”

press release

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