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Accessories – optimize your cell culture protocol

CellGenix offers a wide range of accessories to help optimize your cell culture process. The product portfolio includes clamps, adapters, culture and centrifuge cassettes, and culture racks.


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VueLife® Accessories


Clamps can be used to gradually expand the culture volume in a VueLife® Cell Culture Bag between seeding and expanding cultures. As cells proliferate, the clamp is moved to accommodate additional cell culture media. The clamps can also be used for closing KryoSure® Cryopreservation Bags and Overwraps prior to heat sealing with an accu-sealer.



Clip 1C-0007

Clip 1C-0010

Clip 1C-0014

Clip 1C-0022

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7 cm

10 cm

15 cm

22 cm








Adapters help to safely connect KryoSure® and VueLife® Bags.



BD Interlink® Injection Site

Threaded Lock Cannula

Swabable Female Luer Valve (FL-V)

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Adapter with a self-sealing rubber septum to connect a Threaded Lock Cannula to a Female Luer Port

Adapter to connect male ends with BIIS

Needleless Injection Site allows for multiple usages, for Male Luer Port (can be used in combination with a disposable syringe)




Culture Rack

The Culture Rack is used to support cell culture containers during incubation. It lifts VueLife® Cell Culture Bags off the incubator shelf to allow for gas flow through both the bottom and top of the bags. This maximizes gas exchange through the bag surface.


Order Number 3767



Culture Cassette

The Culture Cassette is designed to hold bags during the different cell culture steps; filling, incubation and transport. Similar to the Culture Rack it allows for gas flow through the bottom and top of the bags. The spacing of the cassette allows a 1 cm fluid thickness and thus serves as filling tool achieve optimal fill size.


Order Number 3754

Regulatory Support

We offer the following to assist you with your regulatory approval process:

  • cGMP declaration on each Certificates of Conformance or Analysis (for culture cassette, BD Interlink Injection Site, Female Luer Valve, Clamps)
  • Separate Certificate of Sterilization for each lot (for Female Luer Valve)
  • Change notifications prior to relevant changes (each product except culture rack)


Please contact our Regulatory Support Team for all your regulatory requests & questions:

Phone:     +49 761 88 88 9 – 302

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