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CellGro® becomes CellGenix®

CellGro® becomes CellGenix®

So far, CellGenix has offered its products under two different brand names in different parts of the world: CellGro® and CellGenix™.

In the dynamically growing cell and gene therapy space the international network of cooperation is woven more tightly every day. This requires harmonized global purchasing solutions and clarity on regulatory issues. To facilitate this trend, we will unify our brand names.

CellGenix will distribute all products worldwide under the CellGenix® brand as of now.

This change will only affect the brand name of the product; the order number will not change. Each product will thus have one name and one order number worldwide.

In markets where products have been offered under CellGro®, the name will change to CellGenix®. As an example, CellGro® GMP rh IL-2 will change into CellGenix® GMP rh IL-2. While our brand name is changing, you can rest assured that the product will stay exactly the same as before.

Note: you may receive products labeled with the CellGro® name until our current stock is depleted.

If you have any questions, please contact us at customerservice@cellgenix.com

CellGro® and CellGenix® are registered trademarks of CellGenix GmbH

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